High Speed Pulsed Magnetic Fields

The SGME® product line offers high speed compact shielded pulsed magnetic fields for Fields up to 2T. It does not require liquid He cooling and can be run with alternative cooling systems (TEC, liquid He, water). The typical magnetic system has a system size of the magnetic field head of only 38 mm length by 52 mm diameter and hosts samples with a size of 5 by 9 mm. It is therefore, often possible to integrate the unit into an already existing setup. The magnetic fields have ramp up speeds in the micro second range and flipping times in the millisecond range and faster so that fast magnetic modulation techniques become feasable . Typical applications are magnetic transport measurements, magneto-optics, magnetic contrast imaging and XMCD measurements.
The magnetic controller comes with an high end embedded PC that allows easy programming through simple string commands that are being send to micro-controller and pld-baords. Its 1 Gbethernet connection allows to integrate the system into more complex system environments such as beamlines at synchrotrons. It is possible to operate with one controller different magnetic field heads.
The SGME comes with following options that can be integrated into one complete system:
  • - more than one magnetic axis
  • - magneto-opticalellipsometry
  • - customized imaging applications
  • - customized magnetic heads
  • - synchronization to external sources

SGME Information