Metrology in Cosmetics

The KOSIM ® product line offers a spectroscopic platform to measure the optical response of tissue with special focus on skin. The 3 dimensional in-vivo distribution of water and fat contributions in skin can be measured with high precision allowing to study the impact of cosmetic products on skin. The KOSIM comes on top with a simultaneous confocal microscopic measurement of the skin tissue allowing to study with high precision scars and how they react on a treatment. The KOSIM exhibits an spectral autofocus, so that handling of the instrument is easy. The KOSIM comes with a variety of analysis tools that allow to study the impact of a treatment on individuals or complete cohorts of probands. The KOSIM is CE certified and a Class 1 medical product.
The KOSIM comes with following options that can be integrated into one complete optical characterization system for tissues:
  • - UV/VIS spectroscopy
  • - Raman spectroscopy