4DOS GmbH hosts the high-end SGME® and KOSIM ® product lines representing leading optical and research technology in life science and modern optical metrology with a special effort on customized products.

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4DOS ®, SGME ® and KOSIM ® are registered trademarks of 4-Dimensional Optical Solutions GmbH


4DOS GmbH highlights the an important research result in dermatology. The KOSIM MIR has been successfully used to study hydration dynamics on human skin in-vivo. The autofocus implementation and ultrafast scanning method allows and obscuration free measurement with low power densities and excellent signal to noise.
The advances data analysis allows to study large groups of test persons. Over 18000 profiles with about 180000 spectra were analyzed by our analysis software package.
Now we offer introductory prices for the KOSIM MIR until 30.06.2018. Inquiry today to get your personal offer: info@4-dos.com

This seminar is offered at one of the most exclusive locations in Hamburg Hafencity and aims to inform companies and their employees about the possibilities and challenges that are connected to the use of 3D-printers in companies. The two days seminar offers theory courses and practical tests in small groups using a 3D printer. People attending the seminar are allowed to upload a model that is supposed to be printed during the two seminar days. Several 3D printers are available for testing. For more details see German announcement.

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4DOS GmbH is announcing its launch of a new product line offering a new set of ultra-fast ellipsometers for multidimensional applications such as studies of anisotropic systems, SGME studies or sophisticated mapping applications. The system comes fully automized with encoder controlled stepper motors and joystick controlled X-Y scanning tables. Spectral ranges available are 200-900 nm and 200 nm to 2500 nm. Incidence angles can be varied between 40 and 80 degrees and focusing probes are available upon request. If you are interested in a special “coming into the market” offer please sign up.


About Us

4DOS GmbH was founded in 2007 in Hamburg by physicists to enable the access to high-end optical techniques for dedicated metrology problems. Over more than 6 years 4 DOS GmbH delivers complete solutions starting with the general metrology concept and ending with a customer specified graphics user interface to meed the need of the end user application. In order to accomplish this 4DOS accesses a dedicated team of physicists, electrical engineers, and software engineers. For rapid prototyping we offer tools ranging from 3D-printing to CNC-machining. We deliver and install instrumentation world wide meeting the required specifications and standards for European, American and Asian markets. 4DOS GmbH owns the registered trademarks SGME® and KOSIM® and 4DOS®. The KOSIM® brand established confocal spectroscopic microscopy for in-vivo and medical life science applications. The SGME® stands for a product line offering ultrafast switched magnetic fields for magnetic contrast metrology applications. However, one speciality of 4DOS® GmbH is to find customer specific solutions to customer specific problems.


4DOS GmbH joins forces with Walnut Technology Consulting GmbH in order to support companies with a complete support ranging from technology issues to economic aspects. A typical question that often appears after the introduction of a new technology is how to make an efficient use of it. Other questions relate to the following issues: Is it really worthwhile to cross to new borders? How can I test things without affecting my currently running process? Can someone support me to asses a new option for me? How do I put new technology into the market?
Together with Walnut Technology we are able to merge our knowledge in Rapid Prototyping with knowledge from experts in business economy, media communication, and technology consulting.

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